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    A collection of testimonials from people we have had the pleasure of working with in the film industry.

Tom Prior


“Working with Steve was an essential part of my preparations for filming Firebird, and as my part of my ongoing health and well-being as an actor. His knowledge and recommendations are invaluable! I have learnt so much of how to master my food choices and required nutrients from Steve. I can whole heartedly recommend his expertise!”

Riz Ahmed


“Fit For Films are amazing. Their holistic approach, range and depth of knowledge, attention to detail, and clarity and simplicity of methods make them a brilliantly effective guide in any process of body transformation.”

Finn Wittrock


“Fit For Films was absolutely crucial to nearly every member of the cast of Unbroken. We all had to achieve an emaciated look for the film, while still maintaining the energy to act for months of 12-plus hour days.”

Bobby Hanton


“I lost 4% body fat in 3 weeks thanks to Fit For Films and I am in the best shape of my life! I won’t go to anyone else now. I feel so confident that with their help and hard work I can achieve any body shape I need to for work.”

Ross Anderson


“I was both inspired by, and grateful for Steve Grant from Fit for Films’ unique and thorough skill set, but also the passion and care with which it was applied. I felt able to focus on creating a character, confident that aesthetically and healthily, I was covered.”

Bennett McGhee – Producer


“Fit For Films were great to work with. The preparation, execution and after care were always sensitively and professionally handled as well as spelt out in as much detail as needed so that all engaged felt reassured and comfortable with the process of changing physical states in a short space of time. The results were fantastic and I look forward to working with them on many more projects to come.”

Helen Bailey


“Fit For Films are so supportive and encouraging. By following their nutrition and training plan I was able to lose body fat and even muscles (which I honestly thought was impossible) all while having enough energy to work.”

Marlow Warrington


“After just a couple of weeks the difference was INCREDIBLE. I was feeling a lot more energised & mood had completely changed – Nothing was too much to handle and as a bonus I dropped 4kgs of body fat within the 3rd week.”

Calvin Warrington-Heasmen


“Within 12 weeks I lost 6kg, gained 2.5kg of muscle mass and my body fat had dropped to 11.2%. My energy is now very consistent and my mental focus has improved. Working with Fit For Films has been the best decision I have made all year.”

Chloe Bruce


“Fit For Films’ accuracy in targeting certain areas of the body, or certain goals never seize to amaze me. Whenever I see them with a specific goal, they gives me a nutritional plan and without doubt, if I stick to it 100%, my goal will be achieved.”

Eunice Huthart


“I am now back to the weight I was when I was kickboxing, my energy levels are the same as when I was 25 years old and my brain is so alert. I can guarantee one visit to Steve Grant from Fit For Films will change your life.”

Paul Lowe


“Steve from Fit For Films practices what he preaches and is a real friendly guy who is always there for advice and help if you need him. Glad I made the choice to see him and would advice anyone who is interested to see Fit For Films as well.”

Laura Michelle Kelly


“Fit For Films have helped me set and push my own limits and surpass them with great insightful practical steps tailor made for me. I’m extremely grateful they have helped me so much.”

Andy Pilgrim


“After multiple breaks in my tibia and fibula, having an operation where smashed up cartilage was removed from my ankle and 19 pins speared through my leg to scaffold my bones I knew pretty much straight away that the jam sandwiches on offer in the hospital ward weren’t going to get me fixed any time soon. I needed to get back to work and that would only happen after some serious bone growth… Enter Fit For Films who advised me on the best food choices for inflammation and healing and top quality supplement choices to speed up recovery. They were both empathetic and extremely knowledgeable to my case and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again for any nutritional needs that I have.”

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