Are you looking for health and physique support for your next film role or movie production? Here at Fit For Films we offer bespoke packages to support you and your team.

Working with us gives you access to a team of health professionals, all with the same shared vision to optimise how you look, feel and perform during your next production. This enables you to be at your absolute best, giving your all without sacrificing your own personal health, and ultimately enjoying the process more.

Our Experience

We have worked on numerous movies, supporting actors, directors, producers, stunt performers, costume, hair, makeup and more, and we understand that the film industry can be tough, with very demanding schedules.

It is not uncommon for us to hear stories of physical and mental deterioration, perhaps even “burn out” as a result of the intense nature of film work. We see people passionately battling through a movie, often sacrificing their health for the sake of that production; only to fall ill during or immediately after the production has finished.

Whilst this seems to be common we do not think this is normal. It is our role to change this, and to help you feel as good or better when you finish a production as when you began.

Riz Ahmed


“Fit For Films are amazing. Their holistic approach, range and depth of knowledge, attention to detail, and clarity and simplicity of methods make them a brilliantly effective guide in any process of body transformation.”

Bennett McGhee


“Fit For Films were great to work with. The preparation, execution and after care were always sensitively and professionally handled as well as spelt out in as much detail as needed so that all engaged felt reassured and comfortable with the process of changing physical states in a short space of time. The results were fantastic and I look forward to working with them on many more projects to com.”

Finn Wittrock


“Fit For Films was absolutely crucial to nearly every member of the cast of Unbroken. We all had to achieve an emaciated look for the film, while still maintaining the energy to act for months of 12-plus hour days.”

How does it work?

Your first point of reference is Fit For Films Director and Functional Medicine Practitioner Steve Grant. Steve offers the ability for you to discuss your needs for your next or current movie production. At this point we can establish your goals and expectations and discuss how we intend to meet these.

You and/or your team will then undergo a thorough health, nutrition and lifestyle assessment. Where necessary specific lab tests will help to determine your current state of health, and areas of consideration will be discussed.

We then plan out the support we think you might need to help you on this journey. Instead of health professionals sitting around on set all day we aim to provide access to experts on a flexible basis, with the ability for them to come into the film studios and work with you at a time that suits you. We will then liaise with you or members of your team to arrange appointments and to ensure you feel supported throughout the process.

By working this way we keep costs down for you whilst still giving you regular and focused access to experts in their fields such as nutritionists, functional medicine practitioners, osteopaths, physiotherapists, doctors, mindfulness and meditation, coaching, catering, food delivery services, exercise and physique specialists and more.

Support Phases

We usually recommend three distinct phases in which we work with you:

Before production gets into full swing we do the bulk of our work and assessments, setting up your nutrition and lifestyle plan, mindfulness strategy, stress management support and other beneficial services. This is our most intensive phase and typically the phase of production where you have the time to be able to work with us in this fashion. We see this as your proactive health phase.
This is where the initial prep work pays off; you already have some good habits & tools in place, now it is about implementing them into your schedule. At this point the coaching aspect of what we do is crucial. During this phase we have to be more reactive to challenges that arise.
This phase is an opportunity for us to assess what worked well for you and areas of consideration for the future. We can also reassess your health to see what in the post-production phase you might need support with to enter your next production in even better health than the last.

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