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Product Description

Magnesium Relax is the ultimate product for not only helping you relax but also enhancing insulin sensitivity which could have a significant effect on your ability to drop body fat. Magnesium relax is a combination of magnesium, chromium picolinate & alpha lipoic acid.

Magnesium Cannot Function Properly Without Insulin & Vice Versa Without insulin, magnesium doesn’t get transported from our blood into our cells where it is most needed. When Dr. Jerry Nadler of the Gonda Diabetes Center at the City of Hope Medical Centre in Duarte, California, and his colleagues placed 16 healthy people on magnesium-deficient diets, their insulin became less effective at getting sugar from their blood into their cells, where it’s burned or stored as fuel. In other words, they became less insulin sensitive or what is called insulin resistant.

There is a strong relationship between magnesium and insulin action. Magnesium is important for the effectiveness of insulin. A reduction of magnesium in the cells strengthens insulin resistance.

But most importantly, magnesium is also necessary for the action of insulin and the manufacture of insulin. When you raise your insulin, you lose magnesium, and the cells become even more insulin resistant. Blood vessels constrict and glucose and insulin can’t get to the tissues, which makes them more insulin resistant, so the insulin levels go up and you lose more magnesium. Magnesium is also vital for converting glycogen into glucose for use as the body’s fuel.

Insulin secretion requires magnesium: magnesium deficiency results in impaired insulin secretion while magnesium replacement restores insulin secretion. Furthermore, experimental magnesium deficiency reduces the tissues sensitivity to insulin.

Subclinical magnesium deficiency is common in diabetes. It results from both insufficient magnesium intakes and increase magnesium losses, particularly in the urine. In type 2 diabetes, magnesium deficiency seems to be associated with insulin resistance.

In several studies, daily oral magnesium supplementation substantially improved insulin sensitivity by 10% and reduced blood sugar by 37%. The Women’s Health Study including nearly 12,000 participants showed that people who fail to take the recommended adequate intake of magnesium of 320-420 mg/day are more prone to have both metabolic syndrome and increased C – Reactive Protein (CRP).

Chromium has long been known to play a central role in healthy glucose metabolism at the cellular level. It sensitizes cells to insulin and increases the number of insulin receptors in cells.

Chromium works by interacting with cell-signalling receptors that enhance the body’s response to insulin. In the presence of chromium cells require less insulin to become activated, resulting in greater overall insulin sensitivity and enhanced glucose control. Chromium also aids in the transfer of glucose from the blood into cells by activating insulin sensitive glucose transport molecules. Its central role in regulating glucose is underscored by the hallmark signs of chromium deficiency which manifest as elevated fasting glucose and insulin blood levels.

The more efficient your insulin metabolism, the more amino acids get inside the cells and the more muscle you can make. Chromium appears to make insulin function more efficient by enhancing the uptake of glucose from the blood into the cell. Chromium increases the number of insulin receptors on the cell membrane and enhances insulin binding to cells.

Lipoic Acid also significantly increases insulin sensitivity, enhances glucose transport, increases metabolic rate and reduces the gain in body fat from ageing. This is why I combined magnesium, chromium and R-lipoic acid in my Magnesium Relax so that I get a product that enhances insulin sensitivity.

Magnesium taurate, Magnesium Glycinate, Magnesium ascorbate, Magnesium malate, Magnesium stearate, Chromium Picolinate, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, Silica.

Active ingredients: (Per capsule)

Magnesium Taurate 175mg

Magnesium Glyccinate 175mg

Magnesium Ascorbate 175mg

Magnesium Malate 175mg

R-Lipoic Acid 50mg

Chromium Picolinate 50mcg