Focus Formula

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Product Description

by Aminoman

Intense Nootropic support in a sachet format. 20 x 10g sachets per box

What is focus formula?

Focus formula is a powerful blend of herbs, amino acids and specific nutritional compounds to help enhance mental alertness, focus, memory drive and determination in a stimulant free way.

This blend of adaptogenic herbs has been well established in supporting mental function and reducing fatigue. The amino acids included have also been shown to support the natural production of neurotransmitters (chemical messengers of the brain) that assist with mental performance.

The nitrates included can support dilation of blood vessels helping to increase blood flow, and enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Focus formula is a great way of assisting brain function but also preventing burnout often experienced when we become reliant on stimulants for a similar energy and cognitive effect. It is also a great option for those that are more sensitive to stimulants like caffeine or those looking to train later in the day where caffeine pre training might have a negative impact on your sleep and recovery.

How to use focus formula

Gram for gram focus formula is one of the strongest cognitive enhancing formulas on the market. For that reason it is advised that you begin with a 50% serving size building yourself up to a single serving if required.

You can use this formula about 30mins before training or any activity that requires an increase in your mental capabilities. Because it is stimulant free it can be taken later in the day, however we would not advise to take this within 4 hours of going to bed because of its natural stimulatory effect on brain function.