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Product Description

by Aminoman

What is adaptacat?

Adaptacat is a high strength blend of specific chinese herbs that come under the category of adaptogens. This formula is particularly useful for those struggling with fatigue, reduced cognition coupled with a high stress or high-octane lifestyle.

Adaptogenic herbs have been linked with the following:

  • Improving tolerance to stress and reducing anxiety
  • Improving energy and stamina
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Supporting mood
  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Normalising blood glucose de-regulation

That seems like quite a list and these are just some of the reported benefits of adaptogenic herb use. In reality different herbs have different properties that create a different response.

Below is a short summary of two of the key herbs in Adaptocat.

Siberian ginseng

Siberian ginseng may help improve the hypothamic-pituitary-adrenal axis during acute and chronic stress, which means it can help offset the side effects often associated with stress.

It has also been shown to reduce depletion of vitamin c levels, something that occurs at an increased rate when we are exposed to acute or chronic stress.

Evidence also suggests that siberian ginseng may improve stamina, reduce fatigue, reduce the stress response stress and have anti-inflammatory effects.


Rhodiola appears to help stimulate the nervous system, decrease depression, improve work performance and reduce fatigue.</p

It has been shown to improve cognitive function and decrease mental fatigue. Numerous studies show it has an ability to offer resistance against a range of physical, chemical and biological stressors.

Adaptacat offers a particularly high dose of rhodiola compared to almost all adaptogenic products on the market, one of the key reasons we chose this product for the fit for films site. This key ingredient has a wealth of research supporting its use, particularly in terms of reducing fatigue and improving mental cognition.

How to use Adaptacat?

It is recommended that you take around 10ml (1 capful) in water 1-2 x per day. We recommend its use during the morning or early afternoon, especially if you struggle with energy at any of those points.  It is not advised to take this supplement late afternoon or evening time.

We recommend a limit of 2 capfuls or 20ml per day because it is already a high strength formula.

If you are taking any medication you should always seek advice before introducing any nutritional or herbal supplement as certain nutrients and herbs can interact with medications.

Please be aware that this product contains a very small level of ethanol (alcohol), this helps to preserve the herbs, is used to extract them and supports their efficacy.

500mg Siberian Ginseng
500mg Schizandra
2000mg Rhodiola
500mg Astragalus
1000mg Licorice, Fennel & Citrus.