Ben Wright

Ben has been a Fitness professional for over 10 years with a sporting background of international level gymnastics and Taekwondo.

Ben built a very successful business as a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach in the city of London, training an array of clients from movie stars, international fighters to everyday weekend warriors that wanted to lose weight.

As opportunity knocked Ben moved into Stunt work, performing in many of Hollywood’s Top movies. With a passion for health & fitness and a love of movies Ben has managed to combine the two.

In his career as a Stunt man Ben has doubled Superheros such as Captain America, Thor, Aquaman and Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy. With each character demanding a different physical look he has had to change his physique accordingly, knowing first hand exactly what it takes to be Fit for Films.

Steve Grant

Steve is one of the UK’s leading and award winning Nutritionists & Functional Medicine Practitioners. Steve has supported those with health, performance and physiques goals for well over a decade and supported well over a 100 clients in the film industry alone since 2010, working on multiple movie productions. His clientele range from directors & actors through to stunt performers, wardrobe and anything inbetween. Steve also runs busy clinics in and around London supporting people from all walks of life.

Working with Fit For Films, Steve is looking to revolutionize health support provide to those working in and out of the Film industry whilst also educating and empowering individuals as they transform and optimise their health.

With a strong educational background and years of clinical experience Steve also formulates the Fit For Films supplement range and oversees the selection of the supplements promoted on the Fit For Films website, ensuring that what we offer are the very best formulations to achieve world-class results.

Dave Grant

Dave spent his youth training in gymnastics and acrobatics and went on to hold many British titles, competing internationally and representing Great Britain on a number of occasions.

After his successful competitive acrobatic Career, Dave went straight into performing and has never looked back in the career that is now spanning over 18 years.

He has been a professional Stunt Performer for nearly a decade and you will have no doubt seen him on screen being set on Fire by Khaleesi’s dragons in Game of Thrones and as a Stormtrooper in the recent Star Wars movie.

Dave has also doubled for some of cinemas biggest stars including Jonny Depp, Michael Fassbender, Colin Farrell, Ewan Mcgregor and Sam Claflin. This gives Dave the unique insight into the film industry and the demands it has on the stunt performers to stay in good shape, acquire skills and stay focused so they can perform the stunts for the people you love.


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