Stephen Makinde


Stephen began his journey into manual medicine after seeing the failings of conventional manual therapy and medicine in dealing with biomechanical injuries and more complex multi-faceted injuries. His sporting and academic background have lead him down the path of working with some of the worlds best. Stephen has been to the Michael Johnson Performance Centre in Dallas to learn from the very best in his field and seen what cutting edge technology can be brought into a therapeutic setting to speed up the recovery of injuries.

Stephen has been heavily involved in treating professional sports people and other high profile clientele for 11 years and has established himself as one of the leading therapists of his kind. Stephen now specialises in these and more challenging cases that have not responded to other types of treatment. His understanding of the advances in science and medicine mean that you can be sure to be in the hands of an expert. His expertise is often called upon by other therapists and medical practitioners due to his out of the box thinking and thought processes. He is definitely in tune with his clients needs and ensures the highest standards of clinical care whilst under his watch.

A true heavy-weight in his field, we estimate that his appointments total more than 53,000 clinic sessions, which is more than most therapists will see in a lifetime. His popularity is matched by his need to get results for people quickly and thus he has a good network of therapists and specialists into which he is able to draw on other specialist advice and opinions to get to a solution quickly and accurately. He knows his limitations.

You can learn more about Stephens clinic services by visiting his clinics website which is linked below. Feel free to follow their social media platforms as well.

Stephen Makinde

Stephen’s Articles

The science of accelerated recovery from injury

The science of accelerated recovery from injury

As an Osteopath I am often asked “How long will my injury take to get better?”.  The answer to this question is actually quite complex as there are many factors which influence the speed of tissue recovery.

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