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Originally from Botswana, Doug Robson worked several jobs in several countries before finding his path as a stuntman.

He soon found his way into productions such as Jurassic World 2, Star Wars, Kingsman 2 and James Bond, as well as doubling Channing Tatum, Luke Evans and Colin Firth.

After an injury prevented him from his normal training he turned his attention to Yoga. He is now one of its biggest advocates and a teacher.

With a broad experience in a diverse range of sports he created his own Yoga style which combines martial arts, gymnastics conditioning and traditional yoga Asanas to create a unique and tough set of sequence. Currently he divides his time between his work as a Stuntman and yoga teacher, but hopes to one day to concentrate solely on spreading the good word of Yoga.

Originally from Botswana, Doug Robson worked several jobs in several countries before finding his path as a stuntman and creating his own Yoga style.

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