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Dom Dumaresq


Dom was trained by the monks of the Shaolin Temple in China.

He has delved deep into the world of strength conditioning, mobility and gymnastics… now he is both health and fitness coach and a professional stuntman!

Dom promotes health through movement. Inspiring people to a life of freedom in nothing but the skin they’re in.

Through strength and mobility, martial arts and breath-work he helps people dissolve fear, break through disbelief and rediscover that being physically active is a rewarding challenge well worth pursuing.

A Warrior in the Garden

A student said to his master, “You teach me fighting, but you talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?” The master replied, “It is better to be a warrior in the garden, than a gardener in a war.”

Meditations in Movement – Achieving balance in modern living

As our days get filled with longer to do lists, lunches sat at our desks and deadlines to meet, it’s hard to factor in taking more time out of the day to just sit quietly. Chasing goals in fitness is comparatively easy to justify. Measurable increases in strength and shrinking waist lines help us visualise the future fitness we want to attain.

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