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Yoga Instructor

Over the years I've been fortunate to be trained and mentored by some truly innovative and influential yoga practitioners such as Max Strom of Inner Axis, Triyoga's Anna Ashby and James Reeves of Irest Yoga nidra. With a background in the film and television industry as a stunt performer, and as a busy mother of three boys, I understand the demands we can place on our bodies and the importance of a strong core - both physical and mental! I'm excited about sharing my positive outlook and life inspiration with others through my unique blend of 'breath, balance and being' based yoga.

I’m passionate about delivering an authentic, accessible and inclusive yoga practise, inspiring you to function at a much higher level, not only during your practise but in your everyday life.

My classes are a balance of developing strength, flexibility and deep relaxation with a strong emphasis on breath work and healthy body alignment.

Having worked with the hyper-mobile, the inexperienced and the super fit - to individuals recovering from injuries - I aim to give my unique insight and support to assist an appropriate, yet challenging level for each of my students. I teach from a purpose built home studio with small numbers of students in each class, allowing me to offer personal attention and guidance. I also offer private tuition tailored to particular goals or challenges you may have.

Bean Peel

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Quite simply, Breath equals Life. From the moment you take your first inhalation to the moment you take your very last exhalation, to breathe is to live. We can go without food for forty days and without water for three days, yet we can die after just a few minutes of not breathing. So does it not make sense to learn to use this gift of breathing more effectively?

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