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Antonia’s mission is to optimise peak performance. She is a Registered Associate Nutritionist (AfN), certified Personal Trainer, with a background in dance.  Her passion for dance instilled her unfaltering commitment to daily practise, drive for continual improvement and appreciation for the power of mindset. Since then, Antonia’s been obsessed with learning how to optimise physical and mental performance: she obtained a degree in Human Biology, driven to understand both exercise physiology and neuroscience, whilst becoming a certified personal trainer.

Antonia spent 3 years working in blue chip healthcare companies, whilst coaching clients in the evenings and at weekends. Learning that her vocation lay in facilitating others to transform their own health and performance, whilst becoming increasingly aware of the paramount role nutrition played in her clients’ successes, Antonia further trained as a nutritionist, obtaining an MSc from University College London. Antonia’s recent research critically evaluates the effects of the ketogenic diet on health and performance in athletes.

She enjoys creating comprehensible nutrition and health articles, to help distil the complexity of science, assist being able to distinguish the facts from the myths and empower and educate others on their own health journey.

Antonia analyses the latest scientific research to create content which further elevates the knowledge of those who seek to enhance their nutrition, health and performance status. She delivers personalised nutritional coaching to support individuals to perform and function at their peak whilst maintaining optimal health and is also a member of the Steve Grant Health team.

Introduction to the ketogenic diet

This article provides a brief introduction to the ketogenic diet, focusing on its use in a non-therapeutic setting.

Keto adapted versus fat adapted

Since these two terms are used frequently and interchangeably, let’s examine what they actually mean.

Pros of the ketogenic diet

This article summarises some of the health benefits associated with the ketogenic diet and being in a state of nutritional ketosis.

Cons of the ketogenic diet

This article summarises some of the potential drawbacks associated with the ketogenic diet.

The benefits of the ketogenic diet for the athlete

The purpose of this article is to provide you with an overview of what the current scientific literature says about the athlete and the ketogenic diet.


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