Andy Torbet


As well as leading a number of exploratory expeditions Andy also performs technical stunts for documentaries and films, has presented 22 TV series on the BBC, CBBC, Discovery US, CH5 and the History Channel, written over 250 articles and one book.

After 10 years in the British Forces as a Bomb Disposal Officer and Paratrooper, Andy left to pursue a career in exploration and film-making. This has seen him on adventures around the world including free dive under the Alaskan ice, stand in a 700 degree fireball, climb a 12 storey glass building, swim with sharks and cave dive inside icebergs.

As well as many world first’s to his name in underwater exploration, he also competed internationally in Speed Skydiving.

The Positive Effects of an Arbitrary Goal

An Arbitrary Goal, defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a goal, ‘based on random choice or personal whim rather than any reason or system’, would seem like a poor aspiration to work towards in training. But a goal with little applicable purpose to our work, hobbies or health may have huge indirect benefits. The benefits may lie in the journey rather than the destination…

Train to survive

Some people train for health, mental as well as physical, others for aesthetics and others for performance. For some of us it’s an occupational necessity. I confess to training for all of these reasons. But the single most dominant factor which motivates my training is simple – increasing my chances of not getting dead.

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