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1 minute rule method for fat loss

Here is a quick and very effective method that can be utilised when looking for a short and intense workout that I got from Tom Hibbert owner of Winning Health Solutions in Southampton who in turn learnt from Andre Benoit an ex Olympian and now world renowned strength and conditioning coach.

The one-minute rule method can be used as a conditioning exercise at the end of a workout or can be used as a stand-alone high intensity interval training method.

What are the basic rules?

Each round lasts a total of 5mins. Thus If you want to train for 15mins then you can pick 3 different exercises or repeat 1 specific exercise for 3 rounds.

Generally speaking choose conditioning style exercises such as bike/running sprints, rower, prowler, sled drags, or certain compound movements like back squats and walking lunges. Ideally something that will allow you to get the lactic acid flowing!

Once you have your chosen exercise simply follow the below protocol.

  • Set 1 – 15secs max effort / 45secs rest
  • Set 2 – 30secs max effort / 30secs rest
  • Set 3 – 45secs max effort / 15secs rest
  • Set 4 – 30secs max effort / 30secs rest
  • Set 5 – 15secs max effort / 45secs rest

Once you have completed all 5 sets on your first exercise you can move straight on to the next exercise or repeat another round on the same exercise following the same methodology.

These types of short burst high intensity, lactate-producing exercise tends to have acute effects on boosting growth hormone. Feeling a little sick during these sessions is not uncommon if you are pushing yourself adequately with the right exercise selection.

It is probably unnecessary to go for longer than 15mins on this type of method, so start with perhaps 1 round to begin with, building up to 3 rounds.

This is a great method that you can use while travelling with work and if equipment is limited.


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