meditations in movement

Meditations in Movement – Achieving balance in modern living

As our days get filled with longer to do lists, lunches sat at our desks and deadlines to meet, it’s hard to factor in taking more time out of the day to just sit quietly. Chasing goals in fitness is comparatively easy to justify. Measurable increases in strength and shrinking waist lines help us visualise the future fitness we want to attain. But is it even possible to quantify calmness? When was the last time you took time to improve your peace of mind?

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positive effects of arbitrary goal

The Positive Effects of an Arbitrary Goal

An Arbitrary Goal, defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a goal, ‘based on random choice or personal whim rather than any reason or system’, would seem like a poor aspiration to work towards in training. But a goal with little applicable purpose to our work, hobbies or health may have huge indirect benefits. The benefits may lie in the journey rather than the destination…

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limitless brain part1 image

The Limitless Brain – Part 2: How to achieve it

In part one of this series we explored what our brain is capable of. This entailed looking into brain anatomy, exceptional cases of intelligence and the mathematical possibilities behind the scope of our potential brain power. This article will continue to investigate the notion of heightened brain activity and outline ways in which you can boost your own focus, mood and productivity levels.

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