mindful movement silent assassins

Mindful Movement: Silent Assassins

Are you doing everything in your power to stay healthy? Do you eat nutritious whole foods and get a solid 8 hours of sleep? What about meditating and looking after your head space? We’re all familiar with the benefits of such positive habits, but what if I told you there was a pesky silent assassin that puts all of this in vain.

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meditations in movement

Meditations in Movement – Achieving balance in modern living

As our days get filled with longer to do lists, lunches sat at our desks and deadlines to meet, it’s hard to factor in taking more time out of the day to just sit quietly. Chasing goals in fitness is comparatively easy to justify. Measurable increases in strength and shrinking waist lines help us visualise the future fitness we want to attain. But is it even possible to quantify calmness? When was the last time you took time to improve your peace of mind?

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5 essential hip ankle stretches for athletes

5 Essential Hip & Ankle Stretches For Athletes

Keeping your body in top condition is essential for you to succeed in the industry. When it comes to exercising many people forget to stretch afterwards, this therefore causes the muscles to tense up and increases the effect of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Stretching can also prevent further injuries after exercising and help speed up the recovery process.

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positive effects of arbitrary goal

The Positive Effects of an Arbitrary Goal

An Arbitrary Goal, defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a goal, ‘based on random choice or personal whim rather than any reason or system’, would seem like a poor aspiration to work towards in training. But a goal with little applicable purpose to our work, hobbies or health may have huge indirect benefits. The benefits may lie in the journey rather than the destination…

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train to survive 1

Train to survive

Some people train for health, mental as well as physical, others for aesthetics and others for performance. For some of us it’s an occupational necessity. I confess to training for all of these reasons. But the single most dominant factor which motivates my training is simple – increasing my chances of not getting dead.

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6 tips for athletic recovery

6 Tips For Athletic Recovery

Recovery is all about making sure that after high intensity training or competition, you can get up the next day and perform at the same level. Whether you are working in the film industry or not here are some tips from Tom Lowes to help you optimise recovery and maintain physical and mental performance.

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super human recovery image

Superhuman Recovery Strategies

“Everyone wants to be a beast, until it comes to doing what beast’s do” – Eric Thomas. You may have heard this quote before on a motivational montage that you listen to before training. I used to. I did it so for years and always said to myself that I’ll train as hard as humanly possible no matter what the situation. Lack of sleep, still train hard. Missed a meal, still push myself to the limit. Emotional stress, distract myself and push it to the back of my mind. This is what beast’s do isn’t it?

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plastic immortal super villain image

Plastic – The immortal super villain

In case you have been living under a rock over the past 1-2 years, you might have seen a lot of press and coverage around the subject of plastic. When the likes of Sir David Attenborough dedicate so much time to creating a movement away from the use of plastic you know it’s got to be pretty important.

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