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Thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate for Fit For Films PFORM Supplement range.

We pride ourselves on the products that we have formulated and appreciate the community behind Fit For Films and those interested in supporting our PFORM supplement range.

Every ingredient has been meticulously researched by one of our Directors Steve Grant, a leading Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner who has worked with high performance athletes, weekend warriors and many famous faces in film and TV.

We believe there is a significant gap in the market for well formulated performance nutrition supplements. Many of the supplements on the market are full of cheap ingredients at inappropriate levels to support performance. Often ingredients are added at incredibly small quantities just to say it is in the product. Additionally, so many of the products on the market are full of unnecessary ingredients such as flow agents, anti-caking agents, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and flavourings. As a company we have pledged to avoid these added ingredients.

Rest assured; you are in safe hands recommending PFORM products to your clients/audience.


We allow only qualified health professionals and our athlete brand ambassadors to become affiliates. Therefore, our affiliate scheme is carried out on an application process only. We want the right people promoting our products, this allows for a community of likeminded individuals promoting products they believe in and trust.

We will provide you with the relevant educational material about the products, so you understand the research behind each ingredient and why it made the cut.

We will provide marketing material that allows you to easily promote the products to your clients/audience. In addition, if there is something you feel you need that would help promote the products, please reach out to us, as we welcome suggestions and will do what we can to support you.

We also record educational webinars where you can learn more about optimising physical performance through nutrition and supplementation.


Each affiliate will be provided with an account that offers them a unique affiliate code and website url. These can be used when referring clients to us. Our affiliate system will track that user and their lifetime purchases as they will remain affiliated to you for all their future orders.

Each month, you will receive a commission payment for all orders you have generated that month.

We also provide you with a unique coupon that can be used for your own personal product purchases. This coupon provides 20% discount at checkout. This coupon must not be distributed or used by anyone other than yourself.


Application to become an affiliate is easy. You simply complete the affiliate application form. This includes details about you, your background or business and for health professionals your relevant qualifications.

We review each application that comes in and manually set up your affiliate account. At this point a member of our admin team will be in touch. Instructions are sent with your account details, and you will be provided with access to educational and marketing materials.

If you have any questions, you can contact our admin team admin@fitforfilms.com


Once your form is submitted, one of our administration team will be in touch to take you through the next steps.


Tel: 07554 381082
Fit For Films Supplements Ltd
PO Box 1648,
High Wycombe,
Bucks, HP11 9NY


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